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"Winning High-Value Deals” is for both experienced B2B Sales Reps and extended Account Team members that are responsible for positioning, proposing, negotiating and closing deals of high-value (large and/or strategic) to the organization.

What is different about the “Winning High-Value Deals” online workshop? Our approach is not a new sales process or more sales training. Rather, ours is an end-to-end, customer-centric system that supercharges your existing sales, negotiation, account management and customer success processes. In short, we make what you already know and do work better and faster for you. We do that by focusing on the critical customer touchpoints and outputs of your current processes. In short, we empower you to 1) win that critical deal; 2) make it a great deal for both parties; 3) ensure a painless customer renewal; and 4) generate significantly more business with that customer after the sale.

The workshop is designed around immediate application to your live High-Value opportunity that you bring to the workshop. This is how adults learn best – by doing versus listening. Throughout the workshop, you will be given exercises to apply new and different thinking to your live High-Value opportunity. These will challenge you to see things as the customer sees them so you can make it easier for the customer to choose you. And in the process, dramatically increase your odds of winning, winning big and closing quickly!

"Steve helped the team understand that there a better ways of selling than just on price. He equipped the Managers and the sales reps to be able to truly sell on value and not fall at the first objection. Since helping my team we have seen a significant reduction in discounts. The techniques have even helped our customers understand the value we are giving them."

- NICK SHAW - General Manager EMEA – London, UK